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Airport Service

We provide transportation to local (TF Green airport) and international airports (Boston Logan Airport,JFK airport)in our new model sedans and minivans

Interstate Transportation

We offer transportation service to other state like Massachusetts,Connecticut,New York and tourist areas including the Martha’s Vineyard Fast Ferry


Sam’s Taxi is happy to work with your business to find the transportation solution that works best for your company. Corporate customers can enjoy unlimited use of our services in several ways (many businesses utilize all of these services):ASPCA,IFAW,Fidelity,Citizens Bank,PGA tour (Media Crew)and CVS

Voucher Services

Your organization can use vouchers to provide quality transportation services while watching the bottom line. Using our sequentially-numbered voucher coupons with pre-printed dollar amounts, you can transport employees, give vouchers as bonuses or keep your VIPs happy. This is a win/win situation for your company, as you can provide courteous and efficient transportation while maintaining budgetary control!Unlimited-Use Corporate Accounts

If you’re looking for a seamless transportation solution, Sam’s Taxi business accounts are just the ticket! You’ll be invoiced every thirty (30) days for services rendered. One payment a month, and your transportation needs are covered.